Prevention-ZERO Thalassemia

We at the Thalassemia Society are committed for Prevention and Awareness drives in and around Pune. We have set a goal to achieve ZERO Thalassemia birth of new Patients in Pune by the year 2020.

As a part of this, we are planning to cover all corporates and colleges. We have conducted major awareness campaign in Infosys, Wipro, Fiat, VW, to name a few- where we have collected more than 500 samples for screening and are in process of counselling affected people with Thalassemia Trait. We are in process of similar mass awareness campaign / screening for prevention in various communities to create awareness of the disease condition .

Mission Statement

The Thalassemia Society Pune Chapter was founded by patients, parents and friends affected by Thalassemia. The foundation provides hope, comfort and encouragement to those battling this disorder. At the heart of the organization is a strong desire to help improve the quality of life for all patients with Thalassemia. We volunteer our time to organize conferences, raise funds to educate the community, ensure patients and parents know the latest in care.The foundation maintains a strong relationship with the medical community that provides diagnosis, treatment and care.

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Office Phone - +91-844-671-6162 (Open from 10am-2pm)

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About Thalassemia Society Pune Chapter

Thalassemia Society Pune Chapter is a purely voluntary, social, welfare organization committed for the cause of Thalassemia. It is a voluntary, social, welfare organization committed for the cause of Thalassemia.5 crore Indians are carriers of Thalassemia gene and 10,000 Thalassemia Major are born every year. Thalassemia can be prevented by awareness & screening before marriage or before planning for family. Survival depends upon life-long repeated blood transfusions and costly medicines.

Our Team

Name Designation Address Mobile No. Occupation
Mrs. Jasmine Majethia Patrons     Social Worker
Dr. Nita Munshi President     Doctor
Mr. Ramesh Arora Vice President     Businessman
Mr. Surendra Sitani Secretary     Service
Mr. Shrichand Tejwani Treasurer     Businessman
Mrs. Naina Doshi Executive Member     Social Worker
Mr. Kailash Tile Executive Member     Service
Mrs. Chitra Joshi Executive Member     Service
Mrs.Rita Shah Executive Member     Social Worker
Mr. Jatin Sejpal Executive Member     Social Worker
Mr. Ashutosh Thaokar Executive Member     Service
Mr. Nilesh Shah Executive Member     Service
Mr. Ashok Vaswani Executive Member     Service

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TSPC Annual Health Check Up Program at discounted rate For More Information 📞- 844-671-6162 (between 10am-2pm)

थॅलेसेमिया सोसायटी पुणे चैप्टर तर्फे सवलतीच्या दरात वार्षिक आरोग्य तपासणी उपक्रम - अधिक माहितीसाठीः - 📞 थॅलेसेमिया सोसायटी पुणे अध्याय (टीएसपीसी) ८४४-६७१-६१६२ (सकाळी १० ते दुपारी २ दरम्यान)

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